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About Us - Avada Oil and Gas
Avada Oil and Gas:
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"Our vision, mission and values are all about putting you before anything else"

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International Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday:
GMT + 4 (Middle East): 11.00am – 00.00pm
GMT + 2 (Africa): 9.00am – 10.00pm
Greenwich Mean Time (Europe): 7.00am – 8.00pm
Central Standard Time (USA & Canada): 1am – 2pm


Ingenuity for life is technology paired with purpose – a powerful mix of know-how, innovation, reliability, and responsibility. Our passion is to help society, companies and people to work and live better through intelligently designed educational training.

At Avada Oil and Gas, we believe that quality capability development should be available to all oil and gas professionals at cost effective solutions. Avada Oil and Gas has transformed training into a rewarding and productive development experience with focus on today’s challenges. Our courses are among the most challenging in the industry and it requires dedication and hard work to receive a certificate of completion. The upsides however, are that our students feel real motivators such as recognition, achievement, responsibility, involvement, and personal growth. With a certificate from Avada Oil and Gas, you will be confident in your abilities and be able to lead the way.

In times of crisis we have to unite, collaborate, optimize, innovate, share and inspire to sustain a competitive edge in our industry. At Avada Oil and Gas we are grateful for being able to share and facilitate the sharing of the necessary capabilities and unlock workforce potential through our unique- and socially interactive learning system.


You have 24-7-365 access to our sites - all you need is an internet connection.

World Wide

As a professional, you can attend Avada Oil and Gas courses from anywhere in the world.


We are committed to deliver up to date content, and as the courses evolve over time you will be able to access all updates for free.


During the course you will interact virtually with other students and the course content on a daily basis.


Our vision, mission and values are all about developing you into a world-class oil and gas professional, and we welcome professionals with any skill level, religion, ethicality or gender. Our courses follow goal oriented recipes to ensure a measurable return on investment.

In addition, our instructors are carefully selected, and undergo challenging tests and selection criteria to ensure that they have a diligent balance between technical skills and a collaborative-, positive- and supportive mindset.
More about our vision, mission, values and why to invest time and money in our training can be found here:

Vision, Mission and Values


The instructor team hold more than a 100 oil and gas publications, and share hundreds of years of hands-on experience. The members are constantly engaged in various projects and bring you the newest perspectives from all corners of the industry. In addition many of the instructors have doctoral degrees, are the creators of various inventions and hold many hold many patents.

For more details about your particular instructor, check the course landing page.

Here is a sample from our instructor portfolio:


Get Hands On With Avada Oil and Gas Technology

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